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TERMITES: Remember to renew your termite contract annually.
PETS: All animals are to be kept on leashes when walking and remember to clean up after them. Please, for the peace of the area, do not leave pets tied up outside when you are away. They tend to complain at the top of their voices and disturb your neighbors.
YARD, GARAGE & TAG SALES: Yard & garage sales are not permitted. Tag Sales may be allowed at Knollwood, but only with the approval of the Knollwood Village Homeowners Association.
SIGNS: No commercial vehicle, For Sale, estate sale, etc. signs that are visible from the outside, whether displayed inside or out. (Vehicle for sale signs not permitted).
LAUNDRY — No outside lines.
GARBAGE COLLECTION: Knollwood – Household & Recycling on Tuesday Yard debris – every other week Midland – Household, recycling, and yard debris on Thursday – must be out by 7 am the day of pickup and container’s MUST be removed from curb side prior to the end of the day of pickup. Household garbage MUST be placed in plastic bags and placed in the Grey can only. Recycle can be mixed and yard debris should be placed in the Brown can, NO BAGGING is required for yard debris.
YARD CLEANUP — Occupant is responsible. Knollwood pickup every other Tuesday. Place items curb side. Light refuse must be bagged. Tree limbs must be securely tied and not more than 18 inches in diameter and four feet long.
POOL — Abide by posted rules. Remember each guest must be accompanied.
SPEED LIMIT — Knollwood, 20 miles per hour. Midland Country Club, 20 miles per hour.
PINE STRAW POLICY: No pinestraw removal should be taken from either golf course without approval from Matt Minnicozzi (692-5946).
PRIVATE GOLF CARTS are not permitted in either Knollwood Village or Midland CC. The roads at Knollwood Village & Midland CC are privately owned by the HOA and PAR respectively.
Yard post lights are intended to provide light safety for both homeowners and the neighborhood. Please help by keeping your post light on at night.
SATELLITE DISHES — Must be approved by PAR for Midland Residents and the KVHA for Knollwood before installation. If not approved as stated, the homeowner may be required to move it to an approved location at homeowner’s expense.
TRUCKS — Should be parked in the garage where possible.
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